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INOX INOX MX3 Lubricant, Corrosion Inhibitor - Can INOX MX3 Lubricant, Corrosion Inhibitor - Can NA1024

INOX MX3 Lubricant, Corrosion Inhibitor - Can


INOX MX3 Lubricant, Corrosion Inhibitor - Can

CAT.NO:  NA1024

INOX MX3 anti-corrosion lubricant
• Thousands of uses
• Handy 300g spray can
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Hazardous Materials

This product is similar to popular water displacement products EXCEPT that it does not contain silicone or kerosene based solvents, etc. Indeed, it is so benign it can be used around food. It is also ideal for siezed nuts or screws, freeing up hinges, door locks, as a cutting or tapping & other machining agent. As the product is non-conductive, it is ideal for removing moisture from car distributor, switches, potentiometers, solenoids, etc. It does not dry or wash out in water. You will be delighted with this product.


Manufacturer Part Number : MX3-300

Handy Tip God-like Spray Can Behaviour

Many people will not go anywhere without a can ofWD40. It is a great product and you will find it on this page. It is not the only God-in-a-can product that we stock, however. We also carry a similar product toWD40 called WD Lube (also on this page). (WD means water displacement).WD-40 is a light hydrocarbon oil with penetration properties useful for moving seized parts. It also works as a rust preventer by leaving a thin layer of oil on steel. WD-40 earned its reputation as a moisture displacer in the days when cars would not start due to condensation under the distributer cap. A further refinement is a product called INOX MX3. It does not contain petroleum or silicone based products and is indeed non-poisonous(the other products are not strictly poisonous, just obnoxious to taste) so much so that you can spray INOX near food. All God-in-a-can products have come a long way from their original automotive use. They have great anti-corrosion and lubrication properties, for example. They continue to find applications all over the place, but with modern ignition systems you can probably safely leave home without a can.


Aerosol spray type Spray can
Aerosol straw
Aerosol Weight 300g
Service Aid Chemicals

Service Aid Lubricant
Physical state Liquid Spraycan
Chemical container type Spray Can
Classified as dangerous goods

DG UN Number 1950
DG Class 2.10000000
DG Pack Group Not Required
DG Hazardous Chemical Code 2YE
Dangerous Road Freight
Dangerous Air Freight

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